Oneshot – Shortfic





Jessica’s Proud Stalker [JeTi] – Author: nikki.cheung

Monologues and Conversations [JeTi] – Author: nikki.cheung

Who Are You [JeTi] – Author: xella08x

Ten Fingers Make Two Hands [JeTi] – Author: nikki.cheung –  Part 1    |    Part 2

Until The Last One Withers [JeTi] – Author: moiraiz

Neighbor [JeTi] – Author: nikki.cheung  –  Part 1    |    Part 2

When I Write About You [JeTi] – Author: Fanytastic

Mind’s Eye [JeTi] – Author: scarletstring

What I Couldn’t Do [JeTi] – Author: takenine

Untitled One [JeTi] – Author: constantplay

Right Here [JeTi] – Author: obsolete

Five Bad Habits [JeTi] – Author: constantplay

Not This Time [JeTi] – Author: anonymous

Although You Said So [JeTi] – Author: 23_midnight – Part 1    |    Part 2

Remember [JeTi] – Author: milktea41801

When Fany Smells Like Chocolates [JeTi] – Author: yanashin

Meant To Be [JeTi] – Author: leesun22

Someday, Somewhere [JeTi] – Author: anonymous

Fluffy Evil [JeTi] – Author: blubear

7 Ways to Dump Someone [JeTi] – Author: constantplay

Untitled Seven [JeTi] – Author: constantplay

Friendly Fling [JeTi] – Author: nikki.cheung –  Part 1    |    Part 2    |    Part 3

Seventeen [JeTi] – Author: scarletstring

Breathe [JeTi] – Author: boxxsaltz

She and Her [JeTi] – Author: nowind

Just The Right Time [JeTi] – Author: yanashin

Lazy [JeTi] – Author: Unlimited

First [JeTi] – Author: icicleflock

Sunflowers [JeTi] – Author: Unlimited

Trilogy [JeTi] – Author: skyclectic – [#1] Free Fall    |    [#2] Breathless |    [#3] Gravity

Ambivalence [Jessica, Tiffany, Yoona] – Author: constantplay

Roommate [JeTi] – Author: karou95

Yard Sale [JeTi] – Author: Unlimited

Do You Remember Love [JeTi] – Author: dashesnelipsis

Seven Days [JeTi] – Author: keireshi

Remembering Yesterday [JeTi] – Author: keireshi

Memories of Stephanie [JeTi] – Author: obsolete


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